The 3 Traits of a Perfect Muay Thai Attack

The 3 Traits of a Perfect Muay Thai Attack:

The three fundamental components of a perfect attack are posture, core activation and efficient movement. As long as you apply these 3 things, you will have a perfect attack.

1) Posture
The weak foot is placed in front at a 90 degrees angle and the dominant foot is at a 45 degrees angle on the ball of the foot. Weight is evenly distributed between the front foot and the back foot.

  • Knees slightly bent for balance and shock absorption from kicks or relative movement.
  • Back straight and in a neutral posture.
  • Hip positions constantly need to be squared on to your opponent at all time to defend attacks efficiently.   
  • Leading the shoulder slightly forward to prevent attacks to the chin.

Balance is the most important component in Muay Thai or other Martial Arts because if you do not have balance, you do not have anything; balance is everything.


2) Core Activation
For a fighter to have the most effective strikes in all 8 weapons the core must be utilised to generate power. The power comes from the ground, and in order to get power from the ground, the flow of energy comes from the rotation of the core.

If you are not rotating through your attacks not only will you have decreased range and power in your attack but the tendency will be to lean forwards into punches and lean backwards into kicks – compromising your posture and balance.

3) Efficient movement:
Once you have a target in mind, what you want to do is have your limb travel from:

  1. Your defensive posture
  2. To the target
  3. Back to your defensive posture

Ensure that no other limb moves away and that you maximise all forms of defence, whilst attacking. Generally, there will be at least one weakness for every attack you do, but work to minimise as many of these weaknesses as you can.

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