7 Benefits Of Sleep You Probably Don’t Know About!

7 Benefits Of Sleep You Probably Don’t Know About!

Remember when you were little and used to HATE going to bed early? Summer was the worst, it would still be light outside, but you’d HAVE to go to sleep. Well, turns out, your parents DID know best. Sleep has SO many sneaky benefits that you never knew about. I’ve done all of the research for you, and come up with the 7 best things sleep does to improve your life!

The Mems – Sleep helps you consolidate all the stuff you learnt during the day! Technically, this makes you smarter too, because you’re retaining more information. But you’re not a cyborg, you will just increase the amount you retain compared to if you didn’t sleep as much.

Longer Life – The Z’s help your body refuel so it’s ready to go the next morning. When you’re not tired, you’re less likely to be negligent or have an accident. When your body is energized it is easier for it to fight off infection and help defend your body from diseases and other bad things that threaten to shorten your lifespan.

Deflate Inflammation – Sleep is your body’s chance to chill out and repair any damages, including inflammation. It doesn’t just happen when you sprain your wrist or break a bone, it’s also a leading contributor to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and other bad things!

Creative Juices Will Be Flowing – If you get enough sleep, you can wake up the next day and work at a high level of productivity. It also helps you be super decisive!
If you don’t get a break, your brain is essentially working their Sunday shift at Maccas Hungover as all hell, from the killer party they went to the night before. (No judgement, we’ve all been there). But you know what it’s like, you can’t properly function or focus on anything.

Recent studies done by the Sleep Foundation shows that driving tired has the same effect on the body as driving drunk. Essentially if you are over tired, your brain is working at a hungover rate. This doesn’t just apply for driving, but every aspect of your life.

Sexy AF – When you are well rested you actually look more attractive to yourself and others! It really is beauty sleep! Sleeping well also sets you up to be in a good mood, and there’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s energetic and smiley!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Sleep improves your sex life! YEAH BUDDY! Don’t pretend like you just can’t be bothered to have sex sometimes. Sleep means you have more energy, and that your stamina and concentration is up. It’s the BEST win win of your life!

Without going all hippie on you, respect your body. Give it the sleep it deserves, and become a sex god in the process! At Get Going PT we offer private personal trainers our fitness trainers come to you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

If you want to know more about the Sleep Foundation’s Study follow this link: