9 Simple Ways A Personal Trainer Trumps Kayla Itsines

9 Simple Ways A Personal Trainer Trumps Kayla Itsines

“There’s no way around hard work. Embrace it.” Well said Fed. The reason people buy into these online or ‘easy’ diet and exercise plans is because it’s supposedly easier. It’s sold as a short term fix as a 4, 6 or 8-week plan. The reality is, that these plans are generic and ineffective. Personal Trainers guarantee results and work around you.

Incase you need any more convincing (although I’d listen to Fed), here are the best reasons to hire a personal trainer:

  • It’s in their name. PT’s make everything personal. Including your fitness plan. They’ll personalise it to your body, needs and goals.

  • This plan is frequently evolved, as you do, to maximise results and impact!

  • They are actually there. There’s no avoiding them, you are forced to focus and work hard. PT’s give you the accountability, motivation and support that a sheet of paper just can’t.

  • Personal Trainers help you set realistic and achievable goals. A generic plan is only going to help a select few.

  • You’re guaranteed a safe workout. With a PT right there, they can tell you exactly how an exercise should be done, and how you can improve your techniques to avoid injury. Why would any women pass up the opportunity to see a fit man flex their muscles?!

  • NO procrastination! A PT is there to make sure you get results. There’s no way they’d let you slack off or get distracted at any point in your workout. Even if they are the cause of your distraction…

  • By having a Personal Trainer beside you, you’re guaranteed to learn good habits. If you have an exceptional trainer and a passion for fitness, these good habits can stick with you for life!

  • It might cost a bit more to hire a PT, but you definitely get what you pay for, and the results speak for themselves!

  • A piece of paper isn’t going to push you and tell you to do 5 more, but there’s no doubt a PT would.


The BEST thing about the fellas at Get Going Personal Training? Asides from doing all of the above. They make things even easier by COMING TO YOU!

So, what are you waiting for ladies, Get Going!