What if my house is too small?

Our skilled trainers only need the size of one yoga mat to perform amazing workouts.

How much does personal training cost?

Everyone’s goals are different, so it will differ from person to person. Simply contact us today for a complimentary assessment.

Will I have the same trainer for every session?

We try to put you with the same trainer every session as they will understand YOU better than anyone. But in saying that if you need to change times or days and the trainer can’t work with it, we will do our best to make sure you continue your training.

Does the at home assessment cost anything?

We will literally drive to your home, find out where you are at, where you want to go and then how we will get there! All for free!

Do you charge extra for nutrition and training?

No, Get Going is about changing your life and we refuse to charge extra for the things that change it.

What are the differences between your team vs a regular PT?

One of our most important core values at Get Going is to aspire to make a difference not just make a living, it’s our hunger for growth within ourselves that rubs off onto our clients. Every person here walks the talk and believes in long-term change.

Do I need equipment?

Absolutely not, we bring everything to you!

Can I train at a studio?

We do have a fully equipped studio in 19 Edward Street, Oakleigh 3166, VIC.

Does it have to be at home?

No we are mobile so can come to a park, home & our studio.

How many times a week do you think I should train?

Your training Frequency should be based off specifics, e.g goals, injuries, prior experience. Most of our customers generally train 2-5 times a week. This will differ from person to person.

Why you are able to provide sustainable life-changing coaching, not just PT.

Focusing on just PT would mean we just focus on the “session” when you agree to let Get Going into your life, your gaining access to a whole team that is dedicated to you. It is through this ongoing personal development that we can create this change.

What your clients receive from you vs a personal trainer at any gym?

We don’t just train you for 45 minutes and leave, we understand that 99% of your results come from outside the session, that’s why we focus heavily on habitual changes, not just quick transformations. Get Going is a company where you could call anyone and every single person would stay on the phone to you for an hour to help you.

Why is personal home training is better than gym training?

Training at a gym means YOU have to make the decision to leave the house, to put on your workout gear and to turn up. WE come to you so you literally have no excuse but to train. Not only do we take out the excuses, we also get to help you tailor your nutrition as we are literally in your home.

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