Energise Your Team with Group Training Across Melbourne

See the Difference

It’s no secret that exercise is fuel for the brain. If your workplace is running low on energy, they could need a boost. See the difference that corporate fitness training can make.

A healthy team is a happier, more productive team.

Change up the dynamics of your workplace with regular team building exercises that inject energy and life into your business.

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Access to a Dedicated Corporate Fitness Trainer

Reward Your Staff with a Healthy Lifestyle

We provide you with group fitness training in Melbourne you will love. Our team of Get Going trainers are fully-qualified and enthusiastic about making sure you reach your group fitness results.

With a focus on every individual, we design a tailored plan that ensures everyone gets the most out of their workout.

Just 2 x 45-minute sessions each week can have a positive long-term impact on your business and your team. And – your staff will thank you for caring about their health.

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Progression You Can See

Exercise Plans You Love

Get Going brings corporate fitness to Melbourne with a difference. We don’t just show up and run through a generic exercise plan.

We get to know every member of your team. We find out about their FITNESS levels, their GOALS and how they WANT to get there.

Then, we design a lifestyle plan that’s sustainable for everyone involved. Tailored to each individual, but executed in a group environment, watch their fitness and their happiness progress with every session.

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Corporate Fitness Training on Your Terms

Tell us What Works Best for You

We provide mobile corporate personal trainers that work around your schedule.

Before the workday, during your lunch break or after work, we can come to YOU at a time that suits best. Whether you need group fitness training in your Melbourne workplace or at another location of your choice, we make it happen.

Our trainers come out to you and work out with individuals or in small or large groups. Choose between fitness boot camps or even Muay Thai for a sustainable plan that never gets boring.

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A Lifestyle Overhaul

Support for You and Your Team

When Get Going takes on any new client, we promise to be there for them 24/7.

Get access to a corporate fitness trainer for Melbourne workplaces that cares about your goals as much as you do.

This team experience focuses on your employees’ health and fitness. With nutritional and exercise advice, as well as continual support, this is the key to a better overall lifestyle.

Your corporate personal trainer will bring the equipment and the tools for success, you bring your team and their enthusiasm!

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Work hard, play hard!

Everyone Benefits from Group Fitness Training

Not only is corporate personal training for Melbourne businesses a great way to provide a healthy distraction from workplace issues, but you’ll also be boosting the health and energy levels of your staff. This means less sick days, stronger bonds between co-workers, and a better functioning team.

After all, companies that sweat together, stay together.

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