Performance and recovery

Performance and recovery

Nutrition is an integral component to optimal performance and recovery for both the junior and elite athlete.

Inadequate energy for your training load and not hydrating appropriately can have both negative health and performance consequences.

Not fuelling or hydrating correctly before, during and after exercise may result in:

  •   Fatigue or earlier onset of fatigue
  •   Reduced speed and power
  •   Reduced endurance
  •   Reduced ability to concentrate and make decisions
  •   Poor coordination
  •   Gastrointestinal upset
  •   Increased risk of injury
  •   Longer recovery time, affecting performance when little recovery time
  •   Dehydration
  •   Cramping

How we can help

Our Sports Dietitians will assess your nutrition, training schedule and lifestyle to determine an appropriate plan to help you achieve optimal performance and recovery.

This will involve making adjustments to your diet, in particular around your training and competition, including food choices leading up to training/competition, as well as during and after training/competition. It will also involve making changes to main meal and snack frequency across the day and water intake, while taking into consideration your training load, individual goals, and overall health.

Dietitions that practice this area
Performance and recovery specialists

It’s important when looking for a dietitian that they understand your specific condition and address your immediate and long term needs. You are in good care with our team of dietitians.

Performance and recovery

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