Our 1 on 1 personal training is personalised for YOU. All in your own home, it’s non-threatening and uncrowded. Our personal trainer will come to your home, assess your goals and then make it happen.

Your Own Exercise Plan

Your Get Going personal trainer will design your own exercise program focusing on your goals, exercise preferences, current condition, health requirements and lifestyle. A program suited to you is the best way to get long term sustainable results. Not only will your Get Going PT know exactly what you need, they will respond to the way your body reacts to training to streamline your progress!

Nutritional Planning

Have you ever heard the saying? “Getting results starts in the kitchen” well at Get Going that’s what we strongly believe. Our Get Going trainers will create a personalised nutrition plan, suited to your goals. The perks of getting home training is that we are there to show you what foods are more appropriate to your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we are here to make your new lifestyle a smooth transition.


Couples Workout – Transform TOGETHER. It is absolutely vital that your partner is on-board throughout this journey. That’s easy to achieve when you are training with them! We will individually assess both of you & work out how to get you there. It’s important to bring each other up, so get your partner on board and do it as a couple.

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Designed for groups of 2-7. We take an individualised approach to our group fitness training. This means that we still keep it PERSONAL. There’s so much more to Group training than just “training”. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a ‘couch potato’ and your best friend is an athlete, we will make sure you both get the experience and the group workout you are after. This can be one of the best ways to make sure your new lifestyle sticks around!


Is your workplace lacking in energy? Are you looking for a perfect team-building exercise to spring your team into life? If so, Get Going Corporate Training Camps are the answer for you and your team! Our goal is to create a healthy and happy workplace for your business. Corporate Fitness and health are a key ingredient for brain function, which increases productivity and energy for any individual. You won’t believe the difference that a team experience like this can make!


Not sure how to maintain your fitness & don’t want to have someone come to your house? We’ve got you covered. Our Virtual PT sessions are exactly like having someone come to you, except they’re on your laptop or phone screen! Get the results you’ve been waiting for with Get Going Virtual Personal Training.