Winter Nutrition with Get Going

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle when the weather turns cold and wet is more difficult than when it’s hot and sunny every day. Everything seems to take more effort and we seem to have less willpower to stay disciplined to do what we need to do. But if you stick with a regular workout routine, the consistency will help you cope with the other changes that are happening.

We know that eating right is just as important as doing a workout. There are many other factors that contribute to your health, but diet and physical activity are perhaps the two most important. These are also two things to keep on track with when the weather gets miserable and you just want to do what makes you comfortable. The unpredictability of lockdowns also disrupts life and the rhythm of going to the gym and eating healthy food. Being home with easy access to all of the food can make self-control more difficult.

To help keep you on track to meet your personal goals, having a detailed plan and accountability system is crucial. Without this, it can be hard to stay on track and keep up your hard work. Some people are able to do this themselves after doing heaps of research and knowing their body. But unless you already have years of experience with training and nutrition, chances are you will not be able to make a fitness plan that is optimized for your benefit.

Beware of Internet “Experts”

The internet gives you access to a myriad of different diet and fitness plans that promise to help you achieve a certain goal after only a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, these internet diets don’t work very well. They are usually are not healthy and are unsustainable for the long term. Like most good things in life, living well and staying fit is a long-term game. If you want to have the most success, consider consulting with a registered dietician and personal trainer to create a custom plan for you.

You can search for and consult with fitness professionals all over the world that specialize in anything you could ever think of. This gives you a choice paradox where more options can actually lead you to pick a fitness coach that isn’t the best for you. So how do you know that someone is well qualified and charges the right amount? Luckily, there is an easy way to have access to qualified personal trainers and dieticians who will work with you to design a plan to achieve your personal fitness goals in the best possible way.

With so many variables, you need to be confident that whoever you hire is going to create a realistic plan that is healthy for you and let you achieve your goals in a reasonable amount of time. The experts at Get Going have all of the qualifications relevant to creating a diet and training regime to best fit your needs and lifestyle. When you sign up to see a dietician from Get Going, you can be confident that you are getting expert advice whenever you need it.

Don’t Lose Fitness this Winter

This winter, don’t let yourself fall behind in your training and fitness goals. Losing progress made during the warmer months isn’t the end of the world, but why waste time trying to make up for it again when the weather gets warmer? It is much more productive to put the effort in now to maintain or even improve your health instead of trying to gain back lost ground.

Based on your specific caloric and nutritional needs, a dietician along with a personal trainer will create a plan to help you along with any sort of goal you have. Some examples include weight loss or gain, muscle gain, cardiovascular improvement, and even pre-conception preparation.

Eating the right foods will reduce your chance of injury, keep you energized, and feeling good! If you start to lack certain nutrients, you can miss out on potential gains, essentially wasting some time you spend in the gym. You might also start to feel lethargic and more tired, assuming everything else stays the same. Make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts and consult with a personal trainer and dietician. This team behind you is an awesome support system to have for whenever you have questions or want to try something new.

When it’s cold out, it’s nice to come home to a nice warm and comforting meal. Something like a shepherd’s pie or a burger with chips sounds wonderful. And indeed those are tasty meals but can be lacking in nutritional benefit for you.

It might even be time for you to learn some new recipes to try out at home! Plenty of winter recipes don’t require much skill in the kitchen at all. All you might need is a stew pot or slow cooker to whip up a healthy, hot and nutritious meal that will give your body what it needs to stay fit and healthy.

How a Registered Dietician Will Help

A registered dietician will be able to tell you exactly how much protein, carbs, and other nutritional information based on feedback from a personal trainer. Then they can help you choose certain foods and dishes that will satisfy your needs.

A subscription to a nutritional program from Get Going gets you unlimited support from accredited practising dietitians who can help you create daily food diaries, personal nutrition plans, and NDIS specific plans.

If your curious to see what a Get Going nutrition program can bring to you, schedule a free initial consultation with one of our dietitians. Be sure to include any specific goals you might have and relevant medical information such as food allergies.

Get Going is committed to helping you live a healthy lifestyle for the long term. What is on offer is not a fad or short-term hack to help you achieve a goal. This winter, see how a dietician can improve your fitness goals.