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Ethan Fleming
Ethan Fleming, the founder and CEO of Get Going Personal Training which began trading mid-2014, has set himself a gruelling physical challenge to keep donations flowing in for people affected by this summer’s devastating bushfires: to break the...
Ethan Fleming
Overcoming failure is one of life’s great lessons, and for Get Going PT founder and CEO Ethan Fleming, it’s been the driving force behind a booming business.
Today in business, social media cannot be ignored. Most of your customers are likely to be active social media users on at least one platform… so if you’re not reachable online in a social way, you could be missing out.
Sam Steeg Ashley Nelson Ethan Fleming
In today’s culture, saying “I’ve quit my job to launch a business!” is often a celebratory event, prompting plenty of kudos for boldly ditching the 9-to-5 to pursue your dreams. Truth is, running your own business is far less glamorous than...
Ethan Fleming
A few years ago as part of a Cert III & IV assignment, I wrote a business plan for a unique mobile personal training company – only to have it shot down in flames by my lecturer. Fast forward, and in less than three years we have turned this...
Herald Sun
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are doing their best to adapt to a virtual world. With many Victorians in self-isolation or working from home, companies are innovatively providing online services to their customers.
There comes a time in the lifecycle of every business when its founder, or team of founding partners, needs to decide how it will grow.
The best way to learn anything is to practise, and that includes getting the most out of failure, writes Ethan Fleming, the founder and CEO of Get Going PT.
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Two personal trainers have attempted an incredible fitness feat: 24,000 burpees in 24 hours

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a day ago
I have been training with my personal trainer Katrina for 6+ months now and have enjoyed every minute of it. She is patient and understanding when assisting me but also very encouraging. I have...
4 days ago
I was communicated with very promptly after my Enquiry. The person on the phone was able to highlight my needs and place me under the professional suitable form my needs. The appointment occurred...
6 days ago
Caitlyn - Personal Trainer I’ve been training with Caitlyn for a couple of months now and it’s the best decision I’ve made. I was lacking motivation and since I’ve started with Caitlyn I’m...
6 days ago
Great training sessions Great training sessions. Understands your goals and tailors sessions according to your needs.