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At Get Going, we take a long-term approach for all clients, tailoring that approach for their unique needs and goals. With a focus on POSITIVE CHANGE, we give you the best possible chance at maintaining progression for the rest of your life.

This doesn’t change when we’re training clients with a disability. When you have extra obstacles to overcome and you need a personal trainer in which you can put your trust, you’ll be in great hands with Get Going’s NDIS Personal Trainers. We offer NDIS personal training services in Australia including Melbourne and Sydney.

How can Get Going help you?

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What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian organisation set up to help people improve their quality of life when they’re born with a disability, or acquire one later in life.

It provides the support needed to ensure individuals can reach their goals and get more enjoyment out of every day. The NDIS covers necessary and reasonable support related to reducing the impact caused by a disability or illness, for peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

NDIS Personal Trainers In Melbourne & Sydney

We believe that everyone deserves an equal shot at life. Get Going’s NDIS Personal Trainers are specialists in training people with a disability and are dedicated to providing the RIGHT TOOLS for positive progress.

How do we do that? We’ll assign you with your own trainer that will understand your unique requirements and is fully trained and competent to provide the support you need. All of our disability specialist trainers have either a certificate 3&4 in Personal Training or a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise & Sports Science.

They also through an internal training program to prepare them to provide the best Fitness training services for your needs. Armed with the skills and knowledge to give you exactly what you’re looking for, we aim to instil a HEALTHY OUTLOOK ON LIFE for everyone.

we are here for you

How can WE Help YOU?

Get Going works closely with every client to create a custom training and nutrition plan based on their physical needs and goals. Our services vary depending on your capabilities and training frequency, and we come out to YOU for convenience. We believe that sustainability is KEY TO SUCCESS and our approach gives you the best shot at reaching your goals.

Our NDIS personal training programmes are built around building your strength and endurance and making sure you have fun at the same time.

We are Life Involved Coaches!

Sometimes it is not in your best interest to purely focus on personal training or exercise. This is why Get Going trainers also provide life-integrated and community engagement help. This may mean that we help you join a local walking group, increase your daily living capabilities or show you how to cook a meal that is wholesome and healthy! Whatever your needs, Get Going mobile personal training is here to help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle!


Training with Get Going gives you peace of mind that we will take the utmost care with your programming and implementation of exercise. We will be vigilant in ensuring the risk of injury is as low as can be, with the long-term aim of reducing the impact of your condition. As with any exercise undertaken, there is always a small risk, though this is kept to a minimum under the supervision of a certified trainer.

Depending on your level of cover, there may be a gap payment between what the NDIS pays and the total cost of the session. Prior to undertaking your training, you will be made aware of any costs that you may incur personally (if any).

National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We have a heavy focus on personal development and ongoing staff training at Get Going. We realise this is especially important for individuals that have special needs. It is a priority of ours to help our trainers to fully understand a client’s specific needs, both prior to training with them and throughout their training.

It’s difficult to properly address this question without talking to each specific client. We will need to find out about the condition and consult with any health professionals necessary to understand whether or not we can service the client.

Generally, the answer will be no; Get Going can usually provide all of the equipment needed for each training session. However, if you have any special equipment you require to walk, stand up with etc., then you’ll need to use that for each session.

The level of cover depends on each individual. You will need to apply for NDIS cover before working with Get Going. Once you have been accepted, you’ll be made aware of how much you are covered for.

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Our sessions typically last 45 minutes. However, we do 15 minutes’ worth of programming for each client session.

Yes. We track all client progress on our Get Going app, as a way of maintaining motivation and seeing how far you’ve come. You can log into the app at any time to check your progress.

Find out if you’re eligible

You can check if you’re eligible for NDIS and once you apply for disability support and are approved for cover, you’ll be given a client or NDIS number. When we first meet with you, we’ll ask for this number along with any relevant information about your condition that you feel comfortable sharing with us. We’ll then create a service agreement that allows us to work with you under the NDIS.

Let’s Get Going against those obstacles to help you be the BEST version of you! Contact us online or call us on 1800 GGOING for personalised training that works.

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