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Sustainable and Unsustainable Goal Setting

Mon, 20 Sep, 08:00 - 08:30 am

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Mon, 06 Sep, 08:00 - 08:30 am

Women's Health Week

Sun, 05 Sep, 08:30 pm - Thu, 09 Sep, 08:30 pm

Success Stories

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See Kat's story

"I started seeing Emilie about a year ago. It was desperation, I was in Covid and had dramatic weight gain and my knees were starting to kill me, I was failing at gyms and failing at diets. I needed help."

Kat has been seeing one of our trainers and dietitians has come so far. Have a watch and hear Kat's story.

Before And After

Meet Nicholas

I'd recommend Get Going to anyone looking to make a change in their health, kick start their fitness, and even those like me who had little to no experience with weight training.

“Since I began seeing Seaton 10 months ago, I’ve lost over 25kg and seen huge improvements to my overall health. Not only have the maximum weights on my lifts all increased enormously, but I’ve seen a massive change in body shape and increased confidence to boot. Seaton has been patient and motivating when required, and always has an answer when pressed or questioned. He definitely knows his stuff, and the programs he’s set up for me feel appropriately challenging and tailored.”

Our reviews

2 days ago
Beau is a great, motivational personal trainer who tailors the exercise regime to your personal fitness goals. Highly recommended!
3 days ago
Chelsea and Meagan are both awesome. I have serious back problems and these ladies are really helping me to get fit and build my core strength. The service is friendly and professional. Also...
5 days ago
I really wasn’t a fan of exercise but my PT has inspired me. Getting great results and I love how the exercise program is tailored for me.
a week ago
Took only a few days with Emily to set up an account with various health and fitness tools and trackers that are immensely helpful found within a single app, as well as locating a trainer near me...