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You can absolutely get the results you want from home. Your personal health and fitness coach will be completely focused on you and your results and that will serve you better than any class at the gym or a room full of equipment you don’t know how to use. We can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

You’d be surprised at how much resistance you can get from just your own bodyweight! You don't need lots of equipment to achieve your goals. Our personal health and fitness coaches will bring equipment and can work within any perimeters however you require. Don’t let this worry stand between you and your results!

We currently have health and fitness coaches in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. We have dietitians that service Australia wide.

When you're feeling unfit or low energy, it can be daunting facing some hard work ahead. Yes, it's our job to keep clients focused and on their toes; it's ALSO our job to keep your training light-hearted and fun. We mix things up when you need to, give you breaks when you've had enough, and encourage laughs along the way. And remember, it's not all about physical strength; mental stamina plays a significant role in what we do. Our job is to keep you in the right frame of mind and in good company.

The length of time we work together is entirely up to you. Goals move and we need to move with them when they do. We will find a place in your life and be there to support and teach you for as long as you need. When you're ready to take charge and go off on your own, we will celebrate with you and we're always a phone call away if you need.

Absolutely. We help people with chronic illness, eating disorders, disabilities, and our experts have various skills to suit your needs. These services are fully covered by NDIS.

We are not a bunch of superstar athletes and we don't have that attitude. We are real people with a passion for fitness and a genuine interest in our clients' wellbeing. We place ourselves right at the heart of your life because this is where the magic happens, and the real work begins.

Our reviews

a day ago
I have been training with my personal trainer Katrina for 6+ months now and have enjoyed every minute of it. She is patient and understanding when assisting me but also very encouraging. I have...
4 days ago
I was communicated with very promptly after my Enquiry. The person on the phone was able to highlight my needs and place me under the professional suitable form my needs. The appointment occurred...
6 days ago
Caitlyn - Personal Trainer I’ve been training with Caitlyn for a couple of months now and it’s the best decision I’ve made. I was lacking motivation and since I’ve started with Caitlyn I’m...
6 days ago
Great training sessions Great training sessions. Understands your goals and tailors sessions according to your needs.