5 things a personal trainer should NEVER do.

There are lots of things a personal trainer should not do, but here are 5 things to watch out for when finding a personal trainer near you.

5 things a personal trainer should NEVER do.

  1. Use unsafe or inappropriate exercises or techniques: A personal trainer should never use exercises or techniques that are unsafe or not appropriate for the client's fitness level or goals. This includes exercises that are beyond the client's current abilities or that have a high risk of injury.

  2. Provide medical advice or diagnose injuries: Personal trainers are not medical professionals and should not diagnose injuries or provide medical advice. If a client has an injury or a medical condition, the trainer should refer them to a qualified healthcare professional.3.

  3. Push clients beyond their limits: Personal trainers should never push clients to the point of injury or exhaustion. They should respect the client's limits and make sure they are working at a safe and appropriate intensity level.

  4. Be unprofessional: Personal trainers should always conduct themselves in a professional manner and should never engage in inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour such as using offensive language, making inappropriate comments, or touching clients without their consent.

  5. Promise unrealistic results: Personal trainers should be honest and realistic with their clients about what they can expect to achieve. They should not make false promises or guarantees about the results that can be achieved. Personal trainers should also make sure to educate their clients about the time, effort and commitment required to achieve their goals.

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Tiarni is the most fabulously patient, flexible and inclusive trainer our family could have hoped for.Our family needed someone who could deal with challenging and constantly changing work...
a month ago
Tiarni has been a great fitness instructor for my boys.
a month ago
Great trainer - very reliable. 5 ⭐️
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I have trained with the amazing Abbey through thick and thin over the last few years. She has always supported my training needs and goals. Even though I collect injuries like Pokemon, they are no...