8 reasons why you should let chocolate back into your life!

Dark Chocolate is good for you, and not just in an if-you-add-it-to-chilli-con-carne-it-tastes-delicious-sort-of-way! If your PT looks at you suspiciously, show them this!

Dark Chocolate is good for you, and not just in an if-you-add-it-to-chilli-con-carne-it-tastes-delicious-sort-of-way! If your PT looks at you suspiciously, show them this!

It’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant! Dark chocolate is made mostly from cocoa, which contains flavonoids, who are the real MVPs. So the more cocoa the better! It’s recommended to have only a few modest bites of dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa a day!

Eating a bit of dark chocolate can help keep diabetes away! Those flavonoids are more than just a pretty face. Having a greater amount of flavonoids in your system is proven to lower insulin resistance, as well as boost your body’s regulation of glucose! Insulin resistance is what’s responsible for diabetes. HOWEVER, it goes without saying that if you eat too much dark chocolate, can be bad for you!

Fun fact: If you’ve got a tickly or sore throat, dark chocolate can help! The chemical Theobromine in chocolate has the ability to soothe your throat!

I find that when I’m struggling with my diet and CRAVING something sweet and sugary, just a small chomp on a block of dark chocolate completely extinguishes those feelings!

Magnesium is vital in keeping your body ticking along. It’s a good job dark chocolate is FULL of the stuff!

Dark chocolate can improve 3 brilliant parts of your brain: problem solving, memory and concentration. Don’t believe me? Check out the findings from the University of South Australia.

We all know someone who’s said ‘screw love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.” – Side Note: Imagine combining the two, PURE HEAVEN. – Well they may have been onto something! Dark Chocolate contains traces of the Amino Acid, Tryptophan. This special guy helps the brain create serotonin, which is the hormone that puts a smile on your dial! This is part of the reason you crave chocolate when you’re feeling down. Your brain’s got a hankering for a serious serotonin hit, and chocolate’s an easy way for it to get high.

Valeric acid can be found in dark chocolate and is a natural relaxant. Combined with sugar, it can have a nice soothing effect on the brain, and can even help relieve pain. BUT this is the delicious, yet evil cycle we all get trapped in. You feel crap, so you eat, it makes you feel a bit better, so you eat more.

IF you can restrain yourself and only eat the recommended amount, there’s no reason why you can’t feel all the benefits mentioned above. But if you’re a bitlike me, and chocolate’s your weakness, you may be better steering clear! At Get Going PT our mobile personal trainers or Outdoor fitness trainers come to you and help you achieve your fitness goals.


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