Fasted cardio for fat loss

The one cardio training that gets discussed the most is fasted cardio training.

The one cardio training that gets discussed the most is fasted cardio training. The concept behind this is to get up in the morning and before eating your usual breakfast, head towards the gym and do a good 30-60 minutes of cardio first. This method was introduced by sports training expert Bill Phillips in 1999. According to him, working on an empty stomach helps in burning fat quickly.

Phillips reinforced his idea by a notorious biological fact that circulation of sugar is very low in the blood after fasting for certain hours, which results in lower levels of glycogen (stored in the body in form of carbohydrates).

With the lack of glycogen, body uses up the body fat as fuel.

Following are some of the perks of fasted cardio:

Less Time:

Fasted cardio does not take long hours of intense work. A few sessions weekly can do wonders in transforming your body.

Burns Calories Faster:

Whether its fasted cardio done or fed cardio, the calorie burn will be the same. The difference lies in the energy source. If you are fasted, the body shall break down stored fats and use them as fuel. The insulin level will be low and not interfere with the fat burning procedure. And will allow you to reach and burn more stored body fat for fuel.

Increased Efficiency:

Fasted cardio tends to increase the lipolysis process by 20% according to recent findings as compared to cardio done in fed state. More fat is burned when doing cardio in fasted state.

Slow But Steady:

Though the difference does not amount up to much on a daily basis being 13 grams only, but at the end of the month these add up…

Implement this simple but superb knowledge into your cardio regimen and stick to it. You will see considerable difference in the coming months. You will be able to burn body fat at a faster rate because you chose a good time to do your cardio training.

Do try it and see the results for yourself. After all you have nothing to lose but your body fat!

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