Use "GETGOING" at Online Checkout to receive 10% off your all orders!

    Use "GETGOING" at Online Checkout to receive 10% off your all orders!

    When starting the low FODMAP diet, it's not uncommon to quickly realise how restrictive the diet is. So many foods you would normally eat are on the 'can't have' list, leaving your diet extremely restrictive, bland and boring.

    Feeling like all your favourite foods are gone makes grocery food shopping and eating out very overwhelming and perceptibly impossible, bringing on feelings of disappointment, stress, and anxiety.

    There aren't many with the time & energy to shop in hope of finding suitable low FODMAP food. Supermarkets, health & organic food stores and other independents stock a wide range of food products, but not all are low FODMAP approved, making the navigation of ingredients lists to assess suitability time-consuming & infuriating.

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    Hannah has been such an amazing PT for me, she’s really understood my goals and helped push me! Can not recommend her enough!
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    Ilia has really helped me to 'get going' after a long stint of inactivity in recent years. He is patient and very experienced, and so lovely as a person. I'm now a few kilos lighter, as well as...
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    Individual coach, Chelsea, is AMAZING. Is very patient, and helps you listen to your body. None of the shame and punishment. Would recommend