The go-getters guide to waking up

If you wake up 30 minutes early, you can kickstart your life and transform into the positive super-being you want to be!

If you wake up 30 minutes early, you can kickstart your life and transform into the positive super-being you want to be!

I know, I hear your groan! Sleep is important. But, if you just try a FEW of these life-changing hacks. I’m SURE you’ll become a complete believer and maybe even, (dare I say it) – a morning person!!

The Night Before

Set a groovy alarm! Wake up and DANCE into your day!

Have a clean room to wake up to! Clear space = clear mind.

Calm your mind with a relaxation exercise just before bedtime. This helps you fall to sleep and clears your mind. After a few goes, you’ll be able to do this on your own:

When You Wake Up

SMILE. As soon as you wake up. And think your happy thoughts!

Check in with yourself. Take the time to think about how you feel.

Think of what you’re GRATEFUL for. Get a dose of good karma by passing it on!

Think about what makes you happy. Happy thoughts equate to a happy mind and energy!

Ask yourself how you can work towards your happiness today?

How can you make today great? You’ll find yourself more oriented towards your own enjoyment.


  • Don’t Rush. Take your time in the morning. Stay focused and calm.
  • Check your phone! Relax and decide your mood BEFORE going on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t let the media influence your attitude for the day!


  • Chuck a jumper over your jammies and stand outside before you do anything. Take 5 deep gulps then head back into the warmth.
  • Use that phone time to make a yummy breakfast. Scrambled eggs anyone?
  • Play with pets! This is the BEST idea and it’s SO simple! When your life gets busy, you tend to neglect your best friend. You’ll feel loved and so will they!
  • Wake up your insides with a refreshing glass of H20!
  • Do yoga or go for a run. Endorphins! Get your body buzzing to start the day!
  • Set 3 main goals you’re going to accomplish for the day. There’s no better feeling than ticking things off your to-do list!

Good Day

Focus on your breathing. Especially when you feel a bit stressed or rushed off your feet. It actually makes your brain stop for a minute and that hit of oxygen does wonders for your tense muscles!

  • ALSO, look at something beautiful. This trick helps calm the mind and focus solely on one, beautiful, distraction. Could be a stunning photograph or your Personal Trainer!

The more you do all of these, the easier it will become and the more enriched, zen and happy your life will be!

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