Why the happiest people are the ones who exercise daily!

The problem with exercise is that asides from weight loss, the benefits it has on your body are mostly invisible.

The problem with exercise is that asides from weight loss, the benefits it has on your body are mostly invisible. But it’s the unseen goodies that have the most ginormous impact on your life!

It doesn’t weigh you down: Working out helps you control your body weight, and I’ve never seen an unhappy shredded lady – have you?! Lots of resistance and cardio training are the best ways to up your fat loss game and can severely trim your chance of developing osteoporosis!

Healthy is Happy: Exertion makes you happy! When you exercise, serotonin production is increased. Serotonin is that happy feeling you get and can become almost addictive. It creates feelings of euphoria, ‘starting is heard, but once you GET GOING it’s even harder to stop’.

Demolish Diseases: Getting sweaty at the gym has been widely proven to reduce the risk of cancer, strokes, diabetes, etc. Blood pressure and cholesterol are also lower in people who exercise regularly, compared to those who don’t. Fatal Fact: Not doing enough exercise is the second biggest cause of cancer in Australia.

Night Night: Getting in some physical activity enhances your circadian rhythm, meaning you’ll sleep like a baby!

Damn Girl: Your confidence and self-esteem will skyrocket thanks to those serotonin hits! This gives your energy levels a boost too, leaving you feeling your sexiest and having the energy to do something about it!

Be the Boss Lady: Your body will start working for YOU. Exercising will help strengthen and develop muscle, and muscle burns fat! More muscle means more fat loss! I’m not saying you have to be like the Rock, but help yourself! It’s only going to get easier and those kilos will start falling off!

Bye Bye Wrinkles! Have you actually seen any photos of the Rock lately? He hasn’t aged! If you train regularly, the toll that ageing has on the body both physically and physiologically will be diluted.

Long Live The Queen (Of Burpees)! The reason physical exercise seems to slow down the ageing process, is because that’s exactly what it does! And it can potentially add years onto your life. Years to spend with grand kiddies that aren’t even conceivable yet!

I’m betting most of this you already know most of this. It’s the logistics of life that are excusing you from being proactive. Being time and money poor is not a valid excuse!

If you really want to watch Masterchef tonight, even though you have so many chores, the kids are being SO demanding. I bet you’ll still find time tonight to watch it. Prioritise need to be rejigged, that’s all.

And we come to you, so you don’t have to waste time driving all the way to the gym!

Finances are always a tricky one, but if you want the results and all the benefits above, then you gotta make it rain, girl!

If your kids wanted to play a sport you’d pay the registration fee, so why not do the same for yourself? You are waiting for nothing – Get Going!

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