Herbalife and Isagenix exposed

You’ve heard of Herbalife and Isagenix. You probably know someone who uses them or you might have yourself.

The Truth: Herbalife and Isagenix Exposed

You’ve heard of Herbalife and Isagenix. You probably know someone who uses them or you might have yourself. You’ve looked at the ingredients. But do you have any idea the effect these ingredients have on your body? And how catastrophic it can be when used as a meal replacement?

Sure they worked for the first month, but according to people that have used the product, they don’t work any longer, unless it’s married with additional exercise and healthy lean meals. But then the shakes are irrelevant. The weight is lost through meals and exercise.

This is the truth about these diet fads. More specifically, Herbalife and Isagenix. So let’s break it down (like they break down your insides).


Herbalife uses a pyramid scheme to sell their products. This is when someone buys the product and sells it to their friends and family. And if they convince someone else to sell the products too, then they get a cut of those profits. So on and so forth. It’s all about money. The product is irrelevant. Of course, they’ll say it works and that it’s good for you – because they want to make money!

Don’t believe me? There’s actually a documentary about it on Netflix called ‘Betting On Zero’, watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-jrALajXrI

It works at first. Why is that? Any diet works at first because it severely cuts your calorie intake, simply because it forces you to eat less. That’s all.

It’s unsustainable. Your body can’t function without the essential vitamins and nutrients that it can only get from macros (fat, protein and carbohydrates).

Herbalife’s most dominant ingredients are soy and sugar. Have a look here for a breakdown of ingredients and what they do to your body: http://www.ancestral-nutrition.com/an-unbiased-review-of-herbalife/

Numerous people have testified that using Herbalife has caused their hair to fall out. It only growing back a few months after they’ve stopped using the products. It simultaneously causes irritation and inflammation to the liver. One lady experienced kidney failure after using these products. The seller claimed it would improve her kidney function.

Because the people selling the products are there to make money, they give unsolicited and unfounded medical advice. These people are NOT qualified nutritionists or doctors, 9 times out of 10. Why? Because health care professionals know the catastrophic damage Herbalife can do to your body!

This product review website is reliable and my go to for any product. If you’re still not convinced, check out the reviews here:http://www.productreview.com.au/p/herbalife-ultimate-programme.html And don’t just read the good ones. There are more bad reviews than good. If that doesn’t reflect everything above, I’m not sure what will. There’s also no way to tell that the people writing the good reviews aren’t the ones trying to sell the products.


Isagenix is similar to Herbalife in every way except they use a ‘multi-level marketing scheme’. Apart from that though, the results are the same. An unreliable and unhealthy product being sold to the masses for one reason. Money.

There are next to no nutritional benefits from consuming Isagenix. Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients they use and their

effect on the body: http://www.ancestral-nutrition.com/an-unbiased-review-of-isagenix/

The people that founded Isagenix had previously been a part of another fad diet company that went BANKRUPT. More information on how Isagenix works as a company here:


Still not convinced? Have a look at the product review here: http://www.productreview.com.au/p/isagenix-cleanse-for-life.html

The money you’d throw away on Isagenix or Herbalife, is money that could be going towards a sustainable lifestyle that would help you lose the weight you crave to. $490 for Herbalife equates to 3 weeks of Personal Training. In 3 weeks you would learn healthy habits and get 2 personal training sessions a week with a QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL.

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