Isagenix And Herbalife uncovered

Uncovering the truth about Isagenix and Herbalife.

Uncovering the truth about Isagenix and Herbalife.

We took a look at this topic back in 2017 (Herbalife and Isagenix Exposed), but thought it was time for a 2021 follow up!

It seems like everything problem can be fixed with a quick and easy solution. Someone will make an exception for a late parking ticket or a quick internet search will give you a “life-hack” to make it easier. A quick fix offering to help you lose weight and gain muscle was inevitable. Infomercials claim to have a simple solution to excess body fat with a 15 minute exercise routine or a meal plan that will get you the results you want in as little as a couple weeks. Unfortunately, the results you might see by trying the “quick and easy” method usually aren’t sustainable.

The vast majority of internet diet plans are based on a dramatic calorie deficit to quickly get weight off. While a calorie deficit is needed to lose weight, doing so too fast can leave you hungry, tired, and leave you craving the things you are accustomed to eating. Moreover, these plans often don’t ask the right questions to best suit your body and lifestyle like a dietician would. A custom diet will still give you the nutrition your body needs to get through the day.

One of the worst offenders of this is Herbalife. This multilevel marketing company based in LA, California has been around for decades. Its main product are meal replacement shakes and supplements, which are sold to people in several different packages every month. These packages include powders and pills for the subscriber to take instead of eating a regular meal. Each meal replacement shake has about 170 calories, far less than a normal meal, even a small one.

Those calories, though, are mostly sugar and carbohydrates, making the shakes low in actual nutrition. To make up for what you are missing out on by eating real food, subscribers are provided with supplemental pills, which aren’t regulated by any credible organization. This means they could contain literally anything and nobody would have to tell you. In one case, several Herbalife products contained high levels of heavy metals and toxic compounds.

It is easy to see how a program like this would appeal to those looking to quickly lose weight. Mixing up what is advertised as a healthy weight loss shake instead of planning a healthy meal is a lot easier. On top of that, a 170 calorie “meal” is fewer calories than a balanced healthy meal that has 700 calories for example. This can accelerate weight loss dramatically.

There have been studies that show that meal replacement strategies can work in the short term. For example, if you want to lose some weight for a wedding next month, a plan similar to this can work for you. It is unlikely that you will experience many severe consequences of dramatic calorie cutting after only a few weeks. They are more of a one size fits all approach to rapid weight loss. Sticking strictly to a diet plan that wasn’t made for you can be ineffective at best, and at worst, dangerous.

For those who continue on the meal replacement shakes for more than six months, there is reason for some concern.

One of the problems with these shakes, specifically, is their nutritional content. Of those 170 calories, almost half of those come from added sugars. Blending the powder into a smoothie with fresh fruit will get you more nutrients and fiber, but will still keep the sugar content high. The powder is also devoid of things that will make you feel full and satisfied such as protein and fats. This will leave your body craving unhealthy snacks to make up for the deficit.

The ingredients in the powder are also known to be highly processed, and expensive. They simply don’t have enough calories or proper nutrients to be a sustainable meal replacement option for long term weight loss.

Similar to Herbalife, is Isagenix. This is another multi-level marketing company that has programs to dramatically cut calorie intake to increase weight loss. In addition to the normal meal replacement shakes and supplements, Isagenix also incorporates cleanses and fasting to further accelerate weight loss. As for how effective fasting and cleanses are, only one has been shown to have an effect on weight loss and overall health.

A dieting technique called Intermittent Fasting has been shown to help control insulin levels and aid in weight loss. However, it doesn’t appear to be any more effective for weight-loss and health than a regular healthy diet and exercise routine. You will be hungry and distracted by the thought of food, and it is also hard to stick with if you are a snacker.

As for any type of cleansing scheme offered by companies, just know that it is a scam. Your body doesn’t need any help cleaning out whatever bad stuff you might have ingested. The body has several systems for removing waste and anything potentially harmful. If you really want to clean out your intestines, try some methods used to prepare for a colonoscopy that are much cheaper and just as effective as a “detox” course.

Even with the questionable claims made by each company, one can’t be blamed for signing up for a couple months just to see if it can work for them. But, even if a consumer sees some positive results, there is another, sneaky reason to avoid these companies. It has to do with their business practices.

While there are lots of big companies conducting questionable activities all over the world from sweatshops to child labor, at first glance, Herbalife and Isagenix don’t appear to be so bad. They tout helping people all over the world accomplish their fitness goals and have seminars to empower people to do better. If you’ve just stumbled upon these companies, you may not know about their deep, dark secret. The pyramid scheme.

Herbalife and Isagenix operate with a multi-level marketing strategy, otherwise known as a pyramid scheme. This might sound like a decent way of doing business, but the reality is very different. The vast majority of people that become sellers of the company’s products will struggle to break even with their investment, and some even lose money. The marketing campaigns say that it is easy to become a seller and it gives you flexibility to work your own schedule and make money fast. However, this is all just a scam that takes advantage of people who want to work hard and be an entrepreneur.

If you know anyone involved in these businesses or one similar, the best way to help them is by discouraging them from continuing and helping them find a better job. Using these products only encourages people to continue trying to make it in the long funnel of a pyramid scheme. It is better for both you and your seller to consult with a licensed dietician to create a personal weight-loss plan that will work for you.

For about the same price, you can have a custom diet and workout plan that will have lasting results. The results won’t happen in dramatically short periods of time, but you will be much happier and healthier months down the line. Whole foods are better for you and will help you get fit faster than some pills and powders. Contact Get Going today to set up a free nutrition consultation to learn more about how a registered dietician can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

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