Rip garlic bread

You feel me on this one. It’s tough to restrain yourself when you’re out to dinner. Especially when it’s with people who aren’t on a diet, it’s like they’re flaunting it.

You feel me on this one. It’s tough to restrain yourself when you’re out to dinner. Especially when it’s with people who aren’t on a diet, it’s like they’re flaunting it. “No, I don’t want a ‘small’ slice of your pizza, thank you, Debbie.” *Sniffs air grotesquely, trying to suck pizza up through nostrils.* I promise that a bit of self-control won’t spoil a delicious meal, and will leave you feeling guilt-free!

  • Window Shop – Always look at the menu BEFORE you get there – to avoid your hangry taking over and ordering one of everything!
  • I Want It That Way – Don’t be scared to change the meal and sides, like replace your chips with veg or salad. People are literally getting paid to cook to your specifications, they have no right to be snobby about it.
  • Au Naturale – Drink water or soda water, NOT soft drinks. Water is calorie free! And soda is still nice and bubbly. I often trick myself into thinking it’s soft drink by drinking soda water with lime!
  • Graze Craze – Nibble on a healthy snack and down some water 20-30 minutes before eating, to kick start your metabolism. Think of your stomach and metabolism as dial up internet, it takes a while to get up and about!
  • Drink Like A Fish – Continue drinking water during the meal to help fill you up quicker. How many fat fish do you see? Exactly. Because they drink water all the time!
  • RIP Garlic Bread – Don’t get suckered into appetisers or bread baskets. Bread is for chumps, and that ain’t you!
  • No Carbs Allowed – Avoid eating carbs and you can enjoy more of the meal! Might be a good idea to avoid Italian restaurants for a while!
  • You Saucy Minx – Minimise the amount of sauce your meal has, by ordering it on the side. Creamy sauces are bad news, Susan! They’re full of pesky macros that don’t even fill you up!
  • Get A Good Grillin’ – Order grilled lean meat, like chicken or fish and don’t choose anything fried!
  • Chew Chew – Concentrate on your chews! ~Chewing is not something I normally concentrate on. I found that when I did pay attention, I didn’t need to eat as much.
  • Black Is Best – Replace dessert with coffee if you have to have anything. (See ‘The Truth About Coffee & Fat Loss’ article).
  • Skin Tight – Wear a tight-ish top. It’s a tricky one, to use positively. But for me, it’s all about being more physically aware of when my stomach’s full!

However you avoid the extra calories and macros at dinner, it has to work for you. Food can be a big part of what makes you happy. Find a way to keep your diet, but also still enjoy food. Life is about happiness and growth. So what are you waiting for, Get Going! At Get Going PT our fitness trainers come to you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

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