Sleep well with a Dusk&Dawn mattress and get $100 off.

Too often, we look to the most popular trends to try and feel healthier. Today it's charcoal smoothies and yoga with goats tomorrow, it's biohacking. What we need to remember is that good health starts with basics. Without a healthy diet, some exercise and solid sleep- you'll be chasing trends all day without results. Sleep is the literal foundation of all things health-related - it's how we heal, rest, repair and decompress.

This is why we are pumped to share our latest partnership with you guys! We've taken one for the team and napped on some of the top-rated mattresses throughout Australia.

Our quest for the comfiest bed is over and we'd like to introduce you to Dusk and Dawn.

All mattresses are not created equal - just ask any Physio or Chiropractor. Now, we heard Dusk and Dawn were awarded Best Couples Mattress and Best Mattress for Back Pain so we wanted to experience it for ourselves. Not to bombard you with factoids but these mattresses are carefully engineered for optimal comfort, spinal alignment/support and air circulation, helping you sleep better at night.

And get this - Dusk and Dawn is made here in Australia from sustainable materials. Can you be any more responsible than this?! We think, no.

Sleep is the best thing you can do for self-care, and it's free.

If you know our approach at Get Going, you know that we take a holistic view of health and wellbeing and don't pay much attention to the latest fads. We believe in the basics and helping you, the individual, feel the best you can in ways that suit a realistic and enjoyable lifestyle. So let’s get some rest!

We are offering a $100 discount for a brand new Dusk and Dawn mattress. There's nothing worse than a pushy salesperson so we love that you can order your Dusk and Dawn online. They have a 100-night comfort guarantee with fantastic customer service, so if you have any issues at all, the local Dusk and Dawn team will help you out.

Now get yourself off to dreamland and treat your cells to some R&R with D&D.


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