Switching to Home Training over the Gym

Whether it’s to start your fitness journey, supplementing your classes, or just personal preference, it takes little to no investment to build some muscle from home.

We are willing to bet that being in better shape is in the top five personal goals you have for yourself. In fact, it’s probably in the top three with getting a promotion and spending more time with family and friends. Rightly so. Being physically fit is something everyone should make a priority. But, like most things we should do, there is a certain amount of effort needed. And not just the effort of doing the actual workout, but making the time to get to a gym and paying the membership fee. Working out in front of strangers can be uncomfortable for some people while you try to look like you know what you are doing. This alone is why most people avoid going to a gym.

It doesn’t have to be like that, though. There is a way to build a fitness routine into your daily life that doesn’t require you to overcome fighting traffic or signing up for a class or any special equipment, even. Most of the equipment you might need can be improvised with the everyday stuff you have around. Being resourceful can make working out from home basically free, as well. The only thing you might want to purchase is an exercise mat to keep you off hard flooring or prevent carpeting from getting sweaty. A set of basic dumbbells would also be helpful, which are easily found second hand.

Doing basic home workouts is not going to get you looking like Hugh Jackman unless you put in some serious work. But it will create a noticeable change in your body and you will feel stronger physically and mentally. A lot of home workouts use primarily bodyweight movements that create real, functional strength. What’s great about this is that you are using your own body to get stronger. Consider all of the equipment that a gym says you need. Do you really need to go to a place with heavy weights if you can’t do 20 strict push-ups? No. There is so much potential for you to lose weight and gain muscle at home, especially if you are just starting to build a fitness lifestyle.

That’s not to say that gyms aren’t useful for everyone. There is a time and place for the gym. You might like working out in that environment or the comradery of the classes and support of the staff there. If that’s you, by all means, carry on. But don’t dismiss the idea that a workout can only happen at the gym. A short workout at home on a day you didn’t get to the gym is still going to get you closer to your goals. They are even more effective if you enlist the help of a personal trainer. A certified mobile personal trainer from Get Going can meet you at home, at the park, or any space that you feel comfortable in around Melbourne or Sydney. They will also bring the basic equipment that might let you perform different exercises.

The great thing about the internet is that there is an endless supply of cats doing silly things. There are also plenty of resources to advise you on a home workout plan. With the pandemic, trainers have resorted to hosting workouts on the internet, keeping in mind that their audience will be working out from home with minimal equipment. This is evidence that going to a gym isn’t necessary. With a trainer, a home workout can be an effective way to get going towards a healthy goal.

If you plan on only working out from home, be sure to have a wide variety of movements that work for all the muscle groups. It’s easy to have a few certain movements that you find to be easier and just keep doing those over and over, but this creates an imbalance. The musculoskeletal system needs a holistic approach to truly be healthy. Arms and shoulders, quads, hamstrings, calves, and core including the back are the areas to build up proportionately.

To start building a “home gym,” there are several ways you can go about doing it according to how much you are willing to budget. You could basically create a mini gym in a shed if you're willing to spend several thousand dollars. Or, a more modest setup of a few dumbbells you found on Gumtree would be enough to help you put on some muscle. If nothing else, you just need heavy things to lift and put down. If you have a yard with heavy rocks, you have a weight set.

It can be difficult to find the motivation to workout if you are home after a day at work. To help with this, it is smart to create a routine to start working out from home because there are so many other temptations there. The pile of dishes or picking up after the kids might even sound more appealing than getting a little sweaty. But after, you will feel much more accomplished and all of those temptations are still there for you.

To avoid distractions, try to workout early in the morning or immediately after work. If being more fit is high on your list of priorities, act like it. Having someone else involved can help you stay disciplined. This can be an acquaintance that you walk with or a personal trainer that helps design workouts according to your abilities and access to equipment. A mobile personal trainer from Melbourne is more ideal because they will have the proper equipment needed to perform some movements.

Unless you can only get in the mood to workout in a gym, there are great options to do it at home instead. Whether it’s to start your fitness journey, supplementing your classes, or just personal preference, it takes little to no investment to build some muscle from home. Just remember to make a point of doing it, have a balanced and planned regime, and keep at it to see good results. To get the most out of working out from home, contact GetGoing about seeing a personal trainer from any suburb. Such as a personal trainer from Armadale, Brighton, or Malvern, for one-on-one workouts and other ideas.

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