Ten reasons you should lift weights

It seems that a woman’s biggest concern about lifting weights, is of becoming too muscly. I promise that if you add weights to your fitness routine, with the guidance of a professional.

It seems that a woman’s biggest concern about lifting weights, is of becoming too muscly. I promise that if you add weights to your fitness routine, with the guidance of a professional, you will not end up looking like a WWE wrestler. (Unless of course that’s your intention and in that case, you are a magnificent super-human).

Ladies, it’s about time we all realised that lifting weights is not something to shy away from. It’s not just for the fellas and it can help us in more ways than one..

  1. Dinner Lady Arms – We all know what I’m talking about. As much as push ups and tricep extensions can aid, nothing will beat some dumbbell action here.
  2. Fat Loss – Studies show that adding weight lifting to your exercise routine can actually help you lose fat quicker than an intense cardio and core based workout. This is something we focus on heavily!
  3. Tone, Tone, Tone! So maybe you’re already “fit” and loving life, but you just can’t seem to get the shape in your back or shoulders that you’ve been looking for. Weights girl!
  4. Self-Confidence – Once you get into weight lifting, you’ll tone up places you didn’t even know you had, and you’ll be feeling and looking better than ever. Promise.
  5. Peace Of Mind – Lifting weights will build body strength, but it will build mental strength too. Unfortunately, weight-lifting doesn’t make you invincible, but knowing your own strength can make a huge difference to your safety and confidence.
  6. Dat Ass Though – If you’re also a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, then you’ll share my love for bums! Having a lack of lady lumps doesn’t detriment you in any way. If anything it draws focus to your trunk. So why not look after your butt?
  7. Metabolic Change – Sorry for getting fancy in my terminology, but this one’s important! Basically, lifting weights builds more muscle, which helps increase your metabolism, which in turn helps your body burn fat quicker. It’s a win win!
  8. Burns Bulk Calories – Those pesky calories have nowhere to hide from the clean and jerks! Enlisting a Personal Trainer is the perfect way to understand and optimise the amount of calories burned!
  9. That Fit Feeling – Fitness isn’t all about cardio and how far you can run without being puffed. Weights play a huge part in the fitness and general well being of your body!
  10. Less Injuries – It’s true. Lifting Weights can help rebuild and strengthen muscle, therefore making risk of injury lower.

Lifting weights isn’t as simple as just ‘lifting weights’, you need the right technique and guidance or you could seriously injure yourself! So seek some help before you go picking up some heavy stuff!

Written by Alex Knock, Editor of Get Going’s Newsletter

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