The truth about coffee and fat loss

FINALLY Something you love, can do your body some good! Coffee (when drunk in the right way), can promote fat loss, hooray!

FINALLY Something you love, can do your body some good! Coffee (when drunk in the right way), can promote fat loss, hooray!

Coffee is like Flash Gordon for your body. It speeds up all the right things and slows all the bad! It helps boost your ever important metabolism.

Java holds a high amount of magnesium and potassium, that helps your body produce insulin. Insulin steadies blood sugar levels, which means you crave those bad sugary treats a whole lot less!

Drinking coffee black is the best way to get the most out your caffeine!

Adding things like milk and sugar or sweeteners, can add up to unwanted Macronutrient intake. Contributing more towards fat gain than fat loss.

As long as you drink no more than 3 cups a day, at the right time, coffee can do your body a world of good!

BUT in order for coffee to be effective in promoting fat loss, you need to follow a few rules…

1. Drink your coffee black to minimise macro intake – it might not taste great at first, but you’ll thank me later!

2. Having your cup of Joe before a training session, can boost your productivity by a massive 12%. Who needs pre-workout?!

Coffee also has some other benefits too:

  • It helps with mental stability. Apparently 2 cups of coffee a day cuts your risk of suicide in half. Happy days!
  • Focus. The caffeine in the coffee stimulates the nervous system, which gets your whole body buzzing and pumped up for whatever activities you’re about to smash out!
  • Coffee supposedly helps limit some serious health risks, such as: type 2 Diabetes, Strokes, Parkinson’s Disease (by 25%), Alzheimers, Dementia and some Cancers.

HOWEVER, there is no evidence that shows coffee intake effects weight loss in the long term. This is because your body can become tolerant to caffeine. Suggesting its effects will no longer stimulate the same reactions that cause fat loss.

If this happens, and you still want to lose weight, you need to curb your coffee intake and then build it back up again.

As long as you add minimal macros to your coffee, and drink the recommended amounts, at the right times of the day, coffee can not only stay in your life, but help you lose that fat too!

*Coffee should be consumed along with a balanced diet, please seek professional health assistance before consuming higher amounts of caffeine*

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