Winter is coming! Why you should exercise this winter

The days are getting shorter and it’s harder to find the motivation to head outside for your workout.

The days are getting shorter and it’s harder to find the motivation to head outside for your workout. So to help you brave the cold, I’ve done some research and found some pretty darn good reasons for you to get out there and Get Going!

  1. I HEART Winter – When it’s cold your heart has to work harder to keep you warm. With all this increased pumping, your heart is keeping itself in tip top shape!
  2. Fightin’ Talk – By going outside to work out, you’re exposing your immune system to the outside world. Making it less likely to shut down and be unable to fight off an infection or common cold, which is always stronger during the colder months.
  3. Get The D – When the body lacks vitamin D, it is more susceptible to getting sick, mentally and physically. It’s common for people to get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during winter time. And the best way boost your mood is by going outside! There you’re exposing your body to Vitamin D, even if you can’t see the Sun!
  4. Concentration Station – If you’re struggling to find motivation, it’s probably because you’ve already skipped a day or two’s work out. Decreased exercise can cause the fuzzies, AKA a lack of concentration. So to stay alert, suck it up and get out that door!
  5. Summer Bod – Think about it… If you continue to exercise throughout the Winter, it’s going to be way easier to be beach body ready. You’re already halfway there!
  6. It’s Cold? – After you’ve bitten the bullet once, you’ll know the anticipation of the cold is worse than the actual cold! And when you’re out there, there’s so much blood pumping around your body, that you barely notice the cold anyway!

In winter it is more important than ever to get in a good warmup and cool down! With the change in the outside temperature, injury and soreness are a greater risk. If you’re not sure about how to get the most out of a winter workout or how to exercise in the cold safely, get in touch with our personal trainers in Melbourne!

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