Ferntree Gully

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Ferntree Gully Personal Training

If you live in Ferntree Gully, you’ll know that you live in one of the most beautifully scenic areas of Melbourne. Surrounded by hills, natural forests & amazing views – I’m sure you’ve been on your fair share of bushwalks. Ferntree Gully is home to the iconic Kokoda Track Memorial Walk, or better known as the 1000 steps. What a fantastic way to enjoy the area, all the while getting a great outdoor workout in. If you haven’t visited this trail yet, book it in on your next free weekend!

Our Ferntree Gully Mobile Personal Trainers love living in this area, they take on the natural beauty themselves as they build their own fitness. Along with this natural beauty, there is also the need to make sure your exercise is structured and programmed in a way that will get you the results that you’re looking for.

While going on casual walks is great for the body & mind, it quite often will not be enough. Get Going Ferntree Gully Private Personal Trainers will be able to build you a personalised program that revolves around your own lifestyle, so you don’t need to compromise on the things that you enjoy! Being a little further away from metropolitan areas means that you may not have access to quality Personal Trainers at gyms nearby. With Get Going, you don’t need to worry! All of our trainers are trained and developed by our rigorous training regime to make sure you receive the best quality Ferntree Gully Personal Trainer you can ask for. If you’re thinking about finally taking that leap to a healthy lifestyle, we would be happy to offer you a free initial assessment to see if it works for you. We are extremely confident that it will!