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Box Hill Personal Training

Get Going PT offers Personal Training in Box Hill. Do you spend your weekends & weeknights watching Netflix or going to Box Hill Central, mindlessly walking around to use up some time? Don’t worry, we aren’t having a go. Everybody has been caught in that trap at one point in their lives.

Box Hill has a range of natural parks that you can go and enjoy in this time instead! Taking a walk around Box Hill Gardens can ease your mind & help you burn calories at the same time. When it comes to changing your lifestyle, it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers and hoping for the best. It takes consistency, learning & constant reminders to make sure you’re not slipping back into your old habits.

Our Box Hill Personal Trainers are trained in the art of lifestyle change. This means that you’re going to have an expert on hand to help you get over those obstacles and develop a lifestyle that is going to work for you now & in the future. Have a specific goal in mind? Great! Small goals help you stay accountable for your training & nutrition. If you find yourself slipping, your Box Hill Personal Trainer will be there to remind you why you started in the first place. Seeing results and progression is the best way to make sure you don’t forget this.

Get Going Mobile Personal Trainers will take you through some thorough assessments to begin with. This gives us a benchmark for where you’re currently at, so that we can work towards the goals that you have set for yourself. Hit the enquiry button, & a Box Hill One on One Personal Trainer will be at your doorstep ready to help you get there in no time.