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Just a short ride north of the city you can find Coburg. Having a personal trainer can benefit your life in more ways than just getting you fit. Our trainers at Get Going aim to help you create a healthy lifestyle that will help you stay fit and happy. This includes things like breaking bad old habits and creating new ones and having a daily routine that fosters health and wellness. These benefits can continue even if you decide to stop using a trainer. Overall fitness is a lifestyle that you can make with the help of a personal trainer. It’s not just athletes that can fully utilize a personal trainer. Normal people like you can see a lot of benefits after going through a personalized training program.

During an initial consultation, one of our trainers will help you identify specific goals you want to achieve. Then, they will create a plan to work through that will get you to where you want to be. Working around your schedule and time, a mobile personal trainer can come to you in Coburg to assist you with workouts. They can meet you wherever you feel comfortable, and they even bring all of the equipment needed. Workouts that you do on your own can be done with minimal equipment. If you have a small home gym set up, workouts can utilize the equipment you have.

Making time to go to the gym can be a pain. And when you do go, are you making the best use of your time with what you do there? With a mobile personal trainer in Coburg and a custom fitness plan, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of each workout and that you are going to achieve your goals as quickly as possible in a sustainable way.

Coburg Personal Trainers
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a month ago
Get Going Fitness - A Tale of Two Trainers'Part One: The Hannah Experience' My journey at Get Going Fitness continues under the guidance of my current coach, Hannah. What sets Hannah apart is not...
2 months ago
Hannah has been such an amazing PT for me, she’s really understood my goals and helped push me! Can not recommend her enough!
3 months ago
Ilia has really helped me to 'get going' after a long stint of inactivity in recent years. He is patient and very experienced, and so lovely as a person. I'm now a few kilos lighter, as well as...
4 months ago
Individual coach, Chelsea, is AMAZING. Is very patient, and helps you listen to your body. None of the shame and punishment. Would recommend