10 weird & effortless ways to stick to your food plan

Diet plans are HARD. If they were easy, they wouldn’t have the word DIE in them._ _But to make your life easier here’s a few super simple ways to help you stick to your diet.

Diet plans are HARD. If they were easy, they wouldn’t have the word DIE in them. But to make your life easier here’s a few super simple ways to help you stick to your diet:

  1. Sit Don’t Stand – Your body takes longer to digest your food when you’re sitting down. When there’s food in your belly, your brain is told it’s not hungry. This way, you stay fuller for longer!
  2. Put That Fork Down – Physically putting your cutlery down in between mouthfuls, is a great way to get your body to concentrate on what it’s doing. The more you chew the food, the quicker your brain thinks it’s full.
  3. Brush Them Teeth Girl – Nobody likes to eat after their mouth is all minty fresh!
  4. Water Wait – If you’ve polished off your plate, but you’re still feeling a bit peckish, down a big glass of H2O. Sometimes your brain thinks it’s hungry when it’s actually just thirsty. Good try brain, but we’re too smart for that!
  5. Eat – Only food shop AFTER you’ve eaten. You are less likely to throw bad treats in your trolley if you’re not hungry. Stick to your list!
  6. Buffet Etiquette – For those situations when there’s too much choice, like at a BBQ or buffet. First round, put only the healthy options on your plate. By the time you get to the ‘good stuff’, you’ll be partially full!
  7. Tonic Shmonic – Tonic Water is a total LIAR! It’s full of those pesky macros! Swap it for Soda water every time. Soda has no calories – hooray!
  8. Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Put your dinner on a small plate. It will make your meal look bigger than it is and trick your mind into thinking it’s eaten more than it has!
  9. Sugar Pump – If your body isn’t relenting its cravings for sugar and chocolate, have a sneaky chomp on (a square or two of some 70% or higher), dark chocolate. But ONLY before a workout!
  10. Drunk Eats – To avoid undoing all your hard work, have a meal that drunk you will enjoy, waiting for you after a night on the town. NO Maccas run on the way home! Before things get too messy, let your pals know not to tempt you later in the night!

The most effortless way to stick to your diet? Get someone to motivate you, so you don’t have to! Preferably someone large and muscular, so it’s difficult to say no. Like a Personal Trainer..!

Get Going Girls! Whether it is in a group training session or with your partner, just get it done! At Get Going PT our mobile personal trainers or Outdoor Personal trainers come to you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

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