Plant Based Diets

Plant Based Diets

Plant based diets. There is absolutely nothing wrong with following a diet predominantly of plants. However, it is essential that you have the correct knowledge to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs.

If you jump into following a vegetarian or vegan diet without having the knowledge to do it properly you may be putting yourself at risk of nutrient deficiencies, as well as not meeting your energy requirements and as a result experience poor health and fatigue.

How we can help

Our dietitians will help you to thrive on a plant-based diet through individualised education on the food groups to prioritise and the different types of wholegrains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds as well as dairy and or eggs if you are not following a vegan diet. They will also educate you on the many important nutrients for someone following a vegetarian or vegan diet, as well as providing you with strategies or examples of where you can include these in your diet.

Lastly, our dietitians can provide you with the health benefits of adhering to a plant based diet, provide you with tips on how to lose weight while following a plant based diet and provide you with meal and snack suggestions.

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Plant Based Diets
Plant Based Diets

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Ilia has really helped me to 'get going' after a long stint of inactivity in recent years. He is patient and very experienced, and so lovely as a person. I'm now a few kilos lighter, as well as...
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Individual coach, Chelsea, is AMAZING. Is very patient, and helps you listen to your body. None of the shame and punishment. Would recommend
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I had trained with Lagi for a while and can’t recommend her enough, she’s absolutely amazing with not only her knowledge but also taking your opinion and how you’re going and feeling onboard as...