Online Coaching

Personal trainers and nutritionists in your pocket

Build your health confidence when you access Australia’s best fitness & nutrition coaches from any location!

You might not be able to spend like a celeb on at-home personal training & dietetics.

Maybe you know what to do but need help sticking to it, or perhaps you’re stuck in a rut and need a kickstart? Or maybe you go to a gym and don’t really know what you’re doing or how you’re doing it?

Start our new FIT from home program and change your life right away.

With our online personalised fitness program.

  • Feel stronger
  • Have more energy
  • Learn to eat better
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Workout in a gym, at home or both!

This is not a one-size-fits-all video course.

You’ll be matched with a qualified health and fitness coach who will create a program based on your goals, lifestyle and ability. We meet you exactly where you are - no judgement.

Online Coaching Offers:

  • Personal trainer matched to your goals & lifestyle
  • Unlimited 24/7 coach support
  • Customised smart meal plan
  • Weekly check-ins for accountability
  • Access to regular live webinars
  • 8-week tailored programs for any fitness level

This is real-life health and wellness for real people.

Imagine feeling healthy, strong and fit and being able to still enjoy some chocolate or the occasional glass of red without the guilt!

  • We can make weekly adjustments if you need
  • Fun and simple online exercise programs with access to 1000+ exercises
  • Access our Online Coaching APP anywhere in Australia
  • Video explanation of new programs by your coach makes it easy to follow
  • Initial consult with a trainer online to get you started
  • Feel stronger, more confident and empowered
  • A customised meal plan w/100's of recipes
  • Customised lifestyle and habit tracker
  • 24/7 support from your trainer via the APP

Join us as we shake up the fitness industry and make health and well-being accessible to everyone in our community.

All this for only - $39.90 per week

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a day ago
I recommend GetGoing if you’re looking for a PT. I have been with them for almost a year. They are easy to reach and their plan is quite flexible. I started when I was pregnant with my first baby....
a day ago
Cass is the best PT I have ever had. I have now been training with her for nearly 4 years and I can never see myself getting a different PT. Cass brings the best energy to every session and plans...
a day ago
I’ve been training with Cass for over a year now and honestly she’s the best! Her workouts are sometimes tough but enjoyable nonetheless and she pushes you to further than you think you can go! My...
a day ago
Cass is the best PT. I’ve been working with her for over a year now in the lead up to my wedding and have seen great results! She always comes prepared and keeps our sessions fun and entertaining...