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Small Group Training

Looking for small group personal training, a couples personal trainer. or group fitness training near you?

Are you and your friends, partner, family or colleagues looking for a way to get fit together? Have you and your group had trouble keeping yourselves accountable and motivated in the past? Are you looking for a cost-effective solution that fits in with all your schedules, in a location that suits you all? Are you looking for group training sessions or a couples personal trainer?

Whether you and your friends have similar or completely different fitness aspirations, small group training is a great way to better your habits and achieve your goals. All you need to have in common is the drive to improve your fitness!

Working out in a group ensures that you and your peers keep each other motivated in your downtime and cheer you on in your group training sessions. Starting your fitness journey in a group also means that you can celebrate your achievements together, and a little light competition among friends is always positive to keep you all on track! You might be someone who has never enjoyed working out but has a dream weight they want to achieve, where your friends or colleagues might have found themselves reaching a plateau in the gym, or even aspiring to run a marathon. Regardless of what you all want to achieve, we know that a standardised approach is never effective, and our group personal trainers are here to keep your group sessions personal.

Designed for groups of 2-7 people, small group fitness training is one of the best methods of ensuring your lifestyle changes stick with you long-term. Our small group personal trainers see to it that each of your individual requirements are met within your group through your own sustainable workout program and that you’re all working your way toward your own personal success. Our experienced small group mobile personal trainers will come to meet your group at a time and place that works for all of you, and always bring all the equipment you’ll need. Work out in a park, on the beach, or in a different group member’s house each week – your wish is our command.

What are you waiting for? Enquire now to learn more about the most effective way to work out with your peers with our group workout sessions!

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a month ago
Get Going Fitness - A Tale of Two Trainers'Part One: The Hannah Experience' My journey at Get Going Fitness continues under the guidance of my current coach, Hannah. What sets Hannah apart is not...
2 months ago
Hannah has been such an amazing PT for me, she’s really understood my goals and helped push me! Can not recommend her enough!
3 months ago
Ilia has really helped me to 'get going' after a long stint of inactivity in recent years. He is patient and very experienced, and so lovely as a person. I'm now a few kilos lighter, as well as...
4 months ago
Individual coach, Chelsea, is AMAZING. Is very patient, and helps you listen to your body. None of the shame and punishment. Would recommend