Balancing your relationship and diet – it can be done

When work is running your life and you struggle to find time for yourself, it takes a lot of courage to be proactive in bettering yourself.

When work is running your life and you struggle to find time for yourself, it takes a lot of courage to be proactive in bettering yourself. You’re focusing on your goals and working hard to juggle everything. But, despite all of this, you’re starting to wonder if it’s worth it. Cracks are starting to form in your relationship. It’s causing you stress and everything’s feeling a little bit too difficult.

DON’T PANIC! You can still do it all! And here’s how. Firstly, there are ‘5 languages of love’. You need to figure out which one you and your partner are. It will help you understand exactly what the other needs to feel loved. PDF or online version available for FREE:

Once you’ve done this, here’s some more specific ways to create a healthy diet/life/relationship balance.

1. Set aside weekly ‘me’ time. Without this, you will crumble. And so will your diet and relationship. You must be happy within yourself before you can be happy with another. This time is your breather. It could be your hour of the Real Housewives, sitting on the sofa in your comfiest PJ’s. It’s a time to yourself, with no interruption from anyone or anything. Block it out in your calendar and prioritise this time. You are having just ONE hour to yourself (at the least). Where you won’t check your phone or tend to pestering kids or husbands. Tell your family and friends this is your time, every week, so they know not to bother you.

2. Set aside weekly ‘us’ time. It might be cuddling and watching a film, playing a game or going for a walk. Put your phone down, so your focus is entirely on your partner. Also make sure you’re touching throughout. Even if it’s just holding hands while watching TV. By physically touching your partner you’re letting them know that you’re there and present in that moment. You need a regular time that you will stick to no matter what. Two solid hours once a week (at the least), in a space only the two of you share. The impact this will have is HUGE.

3. Be understanding. It may feel like your partners not being supportive. Especially, when you’re working so hard to improve yourself. But, deep down you know that’s not the case. And they may feel like you aren’t making time for them. But, they know that’s not true, either. Talking about your feelings is crucial. Miscommunication is an easy fix. You just have to talk it out! Which leads to the next point…

4. Talk. As part of your ‘us’ time, ask each other about your week. Dig deeper, talk about how you’ve been feeling and what’s been bothering you. Listen to and empathise with your partner, they may be feeling slightly unappreciated. You need to communicate that it’s totally unintentional to make them feel this way. To get this point across, you may need to step up your affection. It’s important to mention all the negatives and things you’re both struggling with, because it’s the only way it’ll get better. But it’s just as important to say all the good things your partner has done for you and made you feel.

5. Show affection. Finding small ways to show you care, will mean the world to your partner. Things like, sending a text or two throughout the day, to see how they’re going. Like, cleaning their dishes when you do your own. Or buying their favourite snack when you’re food shopping. This is where the language of love will really help strengthen your relationship.

6. Help each other. Just like you normally would if your partners had a tough day. You’d make them a cup of tea. Or run the bath for them. Stuff like that still applies, and matters now more than ever. You know your partner and what they’d appreciate.

7. Still have fun! You don’t want your relationship to feel like it’s part of a routine or a chore. And your partner doesn’t want to feel like they’re something to be ticked off your to do list. Change it up by doing things you used to enjoy doing together. Go play mini golf, have a picnic, play hide and seek or go to the hot springs. Whatever it is, enjoy and cherish your ‘us’ time.

8. Do it together. You might not feel the need to diet, or like you have the time. Sometimes you don’t and that’s okay. But if you do it together, there is nothing better for your relationship.

Just SOME of the benefits are:

– Increased energy. It will keep you both in balance.
– Improved confidence. It is such an incredible feeling to see your partner happy and proud of themselves; they beam. Unfortunately, this can often lead to feelings of insecurity from the other. But if you do it together, you both get that confidence boost! And there’s nothing better for the libido!
– Reduced stress levels. To quote a brilliant film, “it means no worries, for the rest of your days!” As a couple, your energy’s naturally feed off each other and intertwine. There’s nothing worse than bringing someone else down with your stress. But if you’re both stress free and positive, your moods will only lift each others!

A relationship should only enhance your life. If you’ve tried all of the above and still feel like you’re treading water, speak to your Personal Trainer. They’ve had to do some form of strict-ass diet, so they’ll know what you’re going through.

Sometimes, just seeking the advice of someone who has gone through something similar, is all you need. Remember, although there’s not a wealth of information about this online. It happens to everyone. You are not the first, and won’t be the last. And you are never alone.

So what are you waiting for, Girl? Get Going!

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