Feeling positive in your body

Body confidence impacts so many parts of your life so it should be a priority to feel good in your own skin.

How you feel about your body is a huge part of your physical and mental health. Body confidence impacts so many parts of your life so it should be a priority to feel good in your own skin. Without it, you might limit yourself to only wearing certain outfits or going to certain places. Maybe even avoiding the gym where you could get more confident because you are afraid of getting looked at. These are all reasonable thoughts to have and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it.

With so many images and expectations of unrealistically perfect people, it is easy to feel sub-par with the way you look at yourself. The media and social pressures to look a certain way or be able to do certain things make for an unhealthy environment to live in. This is unfortunately the reality that we live in, so knowing how to deal with these things is important to your health.

The reasons why you might not be satisfied with your body might be unique, but there are a lot of similar reasons. Some you can change, and some you can’t. Too fat, too skinny, not enough muscle, too short or tall. Things like your height are going to have to stay the same and you will learn to love yourself that way. But other features that you can change with the right advice and careful planning.

**Easy steps to take **

For starters, self affirmation is crucial to anyone, but especially for those that are self conscious about themselves. You might think that there isn’t anything positive about your body, but your body can do wonderful things if you set your mind to it. Your self worth isn’t tied to your appearance. Little reminders to feel good about yourself and what you accomplish can go a long way. Surrounding yourself with positivity goes along with this. Surrounding yourself with positivity is one thing, but maybe more important is removing the negativity.

Social media and reality television shows are a huge source of pressure to look or be a certain way. These, of course, are unrealistic expectations and should not be seen as a goal. Images are too often photoshopped to remove any skin imperfections and the body artificially shaped. You already know this of course, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect the way you view yourself compared to them. Not everyone has the genetics, time, or money to look like a barbie doll. Comparing ourselves to others is usually not a healthy habit. What you should be aiming for is the healthiest version of yourself, whatever that might look like.

Another way to feel good about yourself is to make others feel good. It has been shown that giving compliments and doing random acts of kindness towards others, even complete strangers, can make you feel happier and more confident. This is one of the best things to do because it makes both you and the person you complimented feel happy.

Adopting a progressive and positive mindset will help you improve not only your outlook on life, but also the way you see yourself. You are not the sum of the numbers on the scale or the tag on your clothes. What you can do now and in the future is what matters. The human body is capable of many great things, no matter where you are starting. Striving to feel good about yourself is the first step to taking control of your body. Once you do that, you will have the confidence to go out and work towards your fitness goals.

Once you do develop feelings of confidence and self-worth, other areas of your life will improve too. Even on the path to body confidence you might see dramatic improvement. You might have become more fit, picked up new hobbies or friend groups along the way.

If you decide to make physical changes to your body to feel better, there are several steps you should take to ensure you are doing it safely and being the most effective. The first thing to do is decide on a specific goal that you want to achieve that will result in you being more body confident. An example would be losing a certain amount of weight or building up muscle in a certain part of the body. Then, set a timeline for yourself to meet this goal. Be careful to give yourself a realistic amount of time to hit the goal. If it is too short, you might feel discouraged if you don’t reach it, or end up taking drastic and unhealthy measures in order to achieve it.

While there is plenty of fitness advice on the internet, the safest and most effective way to become more fit is by enlisting the help of a personal trainer and dietician. Together, they will help you create good goals and a training plan to help you achieve them. A trainer will also be there with you for workouts to show you how to do movements properly and give you tips and advice to become better. Without one-on-one attention like this, you might end up falling into a short routine that will lead to a fitness plateau. This is why a home PT can be more effective for achieving goals.

The goal of a personal trainer is to give you the tools and knowledge so that you can learn how to have a healthy lifestyle and develop habits that are sustainable and will keep you feeling good for the long term. Our personal trainers at Get Going have the experience and qualifications to get you on track to having confidence not only with your body, but in other areas of life as well.

We understand the importance of feeling confident in your own skin, and our goal is to get you there. Our trainers will do more for you than help get fit. They will help you develop a healthy lifestyle and develop and eliminate habits that are sustainable and will help you in all areas of your life.

Contact a Get Going personal trainer and mindset coach to start your health happy journey today.

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