Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy Nutrition

The idea of eating well during pregnancy can be overwhelming, but you’ve got this!

It is important to start thinking about your nutrition before during and after pregnancy, with the aim to ensure appropriate nutrition for both the mother and baby, as well as appropriate maternal weight gain and baby weight.

Throughout pregnancy there are common side effects that may affect your eating and drinking, and ultimately make it more difficult to meet your energy requirements. These include:

  •   Nausea and vomiting
  •   Heart burn
  •   Constipation

How we can help

Our Dietitians will support you before, during and after pregnancy in meeting your increased energy, vitamin and mineral requirements.

They will also assist you with symptom management, prioritise your hydration, assess the need for supplement use and educate you on how to eat safely and avoid getting sick during your pregnancy. Some women may also need additional support in managing their blood sugar levels.

Dietitions that practice this area
Pregnancy Nutrition specialists

It’s important when looking for a dietitian that they understand your specific condition and address your immediate and long term needs. You are in good care with our team of dietitians.

Pregnancy Nutrition

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