10 must try secrets to keep you accountable to your goals!

When motivation is low and you don’t have any accountability, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. But I have faith in you! You’ve GOT this.

Back away from the chocolate, that you’ve sneakily hidden behind the cereal!

When motivation is low and you don’t have any accountability, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. BUT I have faith in you! You’ve GOT this.

Just incase you’re unconvinced, here’s a few tricks to help you along the way:

Have Regular Mini Goals – When you have something to work towards weekly, you’re less likely to give up. It’s also easier to stay focused and motivated!

Record Your Progress – Looking back on how far you’ve come already is a real confidence and mood booster!

Morning Motivation – This will keep your mindset positive! Have a mantra that puts you in a good mood. Repeat it in your head, or out loud in front of the mirror, each morning. Don’t forget to SMILE!

Goal Gal Pal – This friend will also feel like your worst enemy, but there’s nothing better than having someone by your side when the goin’ gets tough! If you’re competitive like me, then having someone with the same goal is enough to keep you going!

Tell Everybody – ESPECIALLY that super annoying work college. There’s no escaping them and they’ll ask about it CONSTANTLY. I can not stress enough how satisfying it is, to tell them how much progress you’re making!

Check Your Attitude – We all have bad days. But, if your attitude has gone sour, have a go to playlist, some photos or a video that will remind you why you chose this goal in the first place!

Routine – Schedule in your milestones for the same time every week. That way, it’ll just become part of your routine. Your brain will stop protesting and won’t even think about it!

Rewards For Milestones – If you don’t reach a mini goal, then no treat or girls cheese and wine night for you!

Research Your Goal – The more you know about something, the less daunting it becomes. AND the more efficient you will be, in reaching your goal!

Triple Points – Sign up for a marathon or event, that you can only do if you reach your goal. This will give you 3 things: a strict time limit, financial incentive and publicity for your goal. Bonus points if it’s for a good cause everyone on Facebook can rally around! That way you’re accountable to friends, and the cause you’ve chosen. Go show the world what a GREAT person you are!

The BEST tip of them all? Talk to a Personal Trainer! This is what they do. They help set your goals and put methods into place for you to reach them easier. And they sure as heck keep you accountable to them! Whether it is in a group training session or with your partner, just get it done!

So what are you waiting for? Get Going!

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