Fitness Programs & Training

Tailoring Fitness Programs that give you the confidence to achieve more

Our job is to motivate, inspire, and also meet you in your current moment. Little by little, we guide you toward mental and physical changes that will grow your confidence until you're ready to take on absolutely anything.

Personal Training

We know it's challenging to make time for the gym, change clothes, get in the car, and drive there. You could eliminate all those steps (and potential excuses) by letting our experienced health and fitness coaches come right to your door.

Workout in your home or outdoors with a coach matched to your needs, goals, habits and lifestyle. Your program is entirely custom and is based on how, when, and where you want to train.

We want you to think of training as weekly coaching sessions, not a series of appointments. Your health journey is linear, and it does not turn off when our session ends. Your coach is your biggest advocate and will ensure you have the tools, support and accountability to carry you through until your next face-to-face.

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Small Group Training

Want to work out with your partner or a few friends? It’s so much easier to stay accountable when you have a buddy to train with. We can still keep the training entirely personalised to group members' needs.

Group settings can be heaps of fun; you can motivate each other in and outside of your sessions. Plus you’ll have the added benefit of saving money by splitting costs!

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Gather up your friends and family and prepare to get booted.

For groups of up to 20 people, you can book packages, share costs and get a personalised coaching experience. We offer dietetics support and a range of classes.

Drive Feel unstoppable after this full-body resistance workout. You’ll tighten and tone, build strength and energy, so you can live life with more drive. Wanting to build self-confidence? This is for you.

Elevate There’s so much variety in this interval training class that it’s actually fun to push yourself to the edge. A variety of equipment, positions, and interval lengths promise to keep you challenged and engaged. This class is all about positivity, you'll finish with a smile on your face.

Empower A conditioning class for warrior hearts. Be a force as you work your way through a circuit with strength-building repetition and high-energy music.

Thrive Thrive and flourish in your life with a connected mind and body. Designed to help reduce stress, strengthen your core and restore your wellbeing, this combination of yoga, Pilates and deep stretching feels like a mini-holiday.

Anyone that signs up to our bootcamps will receive a free consultation & meal plan from one of our dietitians

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Virtual Training

Want to get started on your own for now? Or maybe you'd like the benefits of one-on-one training at a fraction of the cost? Get the full personal training experience you would have if someone came to train you at home.

You’ll get a personal assessment before we start, and we match you with your ideal Health and Fitness Coach from our national pool of experts. Workout anywhere as long as you have your computer, phone or tablet. Minimal equipment needed.

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NDIS Sessions

Looking for an NDIS personal trainer?

At Get Going we tailor our approach for each client and take their individual needs into account. This is the same approach we take with our clients who live with disabilities.

We understand and support clients with extra obstacles to overcome and we bring our same positive approach and mindset to every individual. Our trustworthy coaches pride themselves on being able to help our NDIS clients find enjoyment in their days and reach their goals.

We offer NDIS health and wellbeing services including dietetics and personal training in Australia including Melbourne and Sydney.

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Want to Boost productivity, and promote happy, healthy workers? Treat your team to group fitness at your office or park.

We provide the trainers, program and all the equipment you need for one class or a package.

Interested in a seminar or workshop? Our experts can come talk to your staff about mindset, meditation, stress relief, healthy eating (with dietitian), or any custom topic you choose.

Health happy companies we’ve worked with: HP, Deliveroo, Carlisle homes, Womens health, CSRIO.

Inspire your team to greater stamina, immunity, brain function and energy. Speak with our corporate team director now.

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Our reviews

a week ago
I have been enjoying my time and I feel like i am getting improved ( still a long way to go). Bec is really nice who is helping me out in everything related to fitness and exercise. I am looking...
a week ago
My session with Bec - Get Going PT is the highlight of my week! She always gives me new exercise to work on and extremely supportive! Highly recomended ❤
2 weeks ago
Look no further than Max at Get Going Melbourne. My training sessions with him have made exercising enjoyable and motivating again - His in depth knowledge of all things health and fitness related...
2 weeks ago
Been training with Scott for a couple months now and I’ve enjoyed every session. He is supportive, encouraging, and tailors the program based our fitness goals and level. The sessions are the...